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online show

I have been participating in Naglee Park Open Studios for a few years now. It’s always a beautiful day accompanied by selling a lot of my things off to new homes. With the coronavirus creating challenges for all businesses and art shows, NPOS has opted to do a virtual show. Every day leading up to the usual date of the show (June 7th), they are featuring a different artist – both via email and on Facebook. I took this opportunity to revive my online store. Naturally, this was a much bigger task than I anticipated. That’s how that goes, right? Anyway, the store is current and ready for action. Check it out!


Well hello web site I’ve been ignoring for awhile. I’m still here, although I took most of last year off from jewelry making. It felt good to release the stress of making-to-sell for a time, especially when I had to squeeze maker time in between the other two jobs. Add to that having to move my studio a couple of times. It is now in its smallest incarnation ever. But the lighting is good, and I still have a dedicated space to work. With the world on lockdown due to the coronavirus, I have more time to get back into the land of beads, porcelain, and metal. Pictured here is the first pendant I’ve made in a long time.

Swirly textured blue gray porcelain pendant with sterling silver half circle framing a matching crystal. The pendant is shown at an angle with chain gently coiled on a pine board background.


Summer shows are mostly over and we are heading into fall. Mountain View Art & Wine is coming up and I have been at the bench getting ready. Nothing like a deadline for a burst of productivity! I have also been converting some old jewelry to new jewelry for a friend and client. I’m not sure any other art form enjoys being upcycled like jewelry. I love giving new life to pieces or materials no longer at their best. I will post those when they have been delivered. In the meantime, enjoy this latest in the Drama Drop category.

shopping is work, too

The International Gem and Jewelry Show comes around twice a year. This is helpful for supplies and bad for the budget. It goes something like this:

1. Check show schedule.
2. Decide on budget.
3. Attend show and be overwhelmed by shiny, pretty things.
4. Say to yourself, “Go big or go home!”
5. Blow your budget out of the water.

On the plus side, I had specific things I was looking for, which helps me shop with a little focus. Pictured below is the haul from my trip. Notice the tiny shinies that will be incorporated into knit necklaces. Did you know that you can get diamond beads? I’m hoping to pick some up on my next trip.

In the meantime, come see me at the Naglee Park Open Studios on June 7th, 11am-5pm. I’ll be on 14th Street between San Antonio and San Fernando in San Jose. There are lots of great artists participating and it makes for a lovely walk!

all about inventory

Now that I have a few seasons under my belt as a full time maker, I find that I really want to break the cycle of always chasing inventory numbers. Many who browse the booth assume that I have backstock. “You have more, right?” News flash: I’ve never had backstock, save for a handful of pieces! So, in entering the new year, full of resolutiony thoughts, I determined to work farther ahead and build up the collection. Well, this is the first time I’ve had a show in February, so the chasing continues…

In the meantime, here is one of the yarn bowls I created for the Stitches West show:

september sales

Last month was a fun challenge for me, having booked three weekends in a row. The first event was the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival, for which I am pleased to report record sales. Because I had sold so many pieces, I scrambled to make more for the following weekend at the Capitola Art & Wine Festival. Saturday saw steady traffic and Sunday was pretty slow. Being able to eat lunch with a view of the ocean was pretty fantastic. At both shows, some old friends stopped which is always a treat.

The third weekend was full of new friends. My other job is teaching kung fu and T’ai Chi, and I was honored to be selected to teach at the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists‘ camp this year. Most of the emphasis was on teaching and learning, of course, but there was also an opportunity to sell things to promote your school. How could I turn that down? I created some bamboo-themed jewelry and martial arts mugs especially for the weekend. Of the eight mugs I brought, I sold five along with four T-shirts (also designed by me) and orders for many more. Preparations for this event moved quickly, so I do not have photos of the mugs, but am happy to leave you with this lovely pendant in crystal, glass and sterling, which is still available in my online store. Be sure to check out the events page for upcoming sales, including for the holidays!


Today, I met with a client at Roy’s Station to deliver a custom bracelet anniversary present. His idea was to incorporate their hair and eye colors – gold and lapis for blonde and blue, and copper and jade for reddish brown and green/hazel. The bracelet wraps the wrist twice. I’ve always wanted to do a knit with gold, so I was pretty happy when he contacted me for this project. Anyway, when we met, he had an iced tea waiting for me. He remembered what I ordered from the first time we met. That’s why this guy has been happily married for 26 years! Well done, sir.

After delivering the bracelet, I went back to my car which was parked in front of Petite Galleria. For as many times as I’ve been to Roy’s, I had never noticed this place before. It is indeed petite. I figured I’d better check it out in case my jewelry needs to be there. Whilst browsing, my husband recognized the gal who was working, because she also works at Roy’s. It turns out that her husband owns Naglee Park Garage where we dine from time to time.

Perched on a shelf in the Galleria was a beautiful little teapot that I recognized as the work of Hsin-Chuen Lin. I am taking a class from him at Higher Fire. For as big as San Jose is, it’s nice to feel a little connected.