Today, I met with a client at Roy’s Station to deliver a custom bracelet anniversary present. His idea was to incorporate their hair and eye colors – gold and lapis for blonde and blue, and copper and jade for reddish brown and green/hazel. The bracelet wraps the wrist twice. I’ve always wanted to do a knit with gold, so I was pretty happy when he contacted me for this project. Anyway, when we met, he had an iced tea waiting for me. He remembered what I ordered from the first time we met. That’s why this guy has been happily married for 26 years! Well done, sir.

After delivering the bracelet, I went back to my car which was parked in front of Petite Galleria. For as many times as I’ve been to Roy’s, I had never noticed this place before. It is indeed petite. I figured I’d better check it out in case my jewelry needs to be there. Whilst browsing, my husband recognized the gal who was working, because she also works at Roy’s. It turns out that her husband owns Naglee Park Garage where we dine from time to time.

Perched on a shelf in the Galleria was a beautiful little teapot that I recognized as the work of Hsin-Chuen Lin. I am taking a class from him at Higher Fire. For as big as San Jose is, it’s nice to feel a little connected.